Company Background

First Choice Landscape is a California-based landscape contracting company founded in 2007 in order to cater to eco-conscious customers in Southern California. Our environment is changing and we have a concern over the conservation of water resources. First Choice Landscape was created to address these concerns by providing sustainable landscape designs, installation, and maintenance services while conserving and providing arbor care. We specialize in multi-family housing, commercial, industrial, municipal and retail properties.

Mission Statement

At First Choice Landscape, our mission is to enhance landscape beauty, functionality, and value of our customer’s property while utilizing water conservation principles that have been tested and proven. We are committed to delivering professional quality services and cost-effective landscaping solutions.

We value our relationships with general contractors, property management companies, commercial property owners, municipal agencies, and landscape architects. We equally value our relationships and training with our crew members who take pride in their work.

We exist to serve our customers in the commercial and family housing landscape industry. From new building installations to retrofitting and maintaining existing landscapes, our goal is to maximize our customer’s property aesthetics and value.

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