Water Wise

At First Choice Landscape, we understand the importance of conserving water in all landscape applications. Landscapes that were installed in the past in Southern California did not incorporate the sustainability and water-saving priorities of today.

Water-wise, or drought-tolerant plants are ones that can thrive with little or no supplemental water once they are established. There are a variety of water-wise shrubs, perennials, trees, and grasses that are naturally suited to California's Mediterranean environment. We combine this knowledge with highly efficient irrigation to maximize conservation of water where possible.

Our trained Irrigators and Horticulturalists understand plants and trees that best thrive in our area. Micro-climates and plant types are factored in to best manage irrigation. As Water Managers, we base our decisions for controlled watering events and duration on the plant needs while taking extra care to not waste water. We work with ownership and management to retrofit systems in order to conserve water and thus reduce watering costs. When retrofitting is not an option, we maximize the existing irrigation systems by fine tuning and adjusting to maximize efficiency.

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